Yimby Tumbling Composter Review

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Quick Overview


All gardeners know the value of black gold, or compost. It is a highly nutritious fertilizer made from purely organic matter, but it does take some looking after to keep it healthy as it decomposes. You have to regularly check it and turn it to prevent heat, moisture, or compression, killing off the microbes that make the decay and decomposition faster and possible.

But doing by hand with a pitchfork can be very tiring and ailing on the body, so many turn to compost tumblers to help them turn their compost for them. Today we will be reviewing one of these composters, made by the company Yimby.

Yimby Tumbling Composter


The composter is made of a resilient plastic that lasts well against the elements. It is made from recycled polypropylene and is contact safe, and does not get harmed by the sun. The steel frame is galvanized to protect against rust and deterioration, and will also last you a long time.

Who is this Composter for?

This is the product for any avid gardener. Anyone who likes to spend their time in the garden fostering the perfect flower bed and grooming a most beautiful hedge knows the importance of compost as a fertilizer for their plants. However, looking after your compost heap, especially once it grows to a larger size, can be a pain.

It takes a lot of sweat and elbow grease to turn it with a pitchfork or similar tool, and it can be a pain in the back and shoulders to keep heaving every few days. This compost tumbler is for those avid gardeners who don’t want the strain and exertion of dealing with a compost heap.

What’s Included?

Included with the Yimby Tumbling Composter purchase is the actual composter, disassembled into plastic sheeting for the composter itself, and the metal pipes for the stand. You will also get a user manual and assembly instructions, the latter of which can be quite confusing to read and use to build, so we recommend you refer to the tutorial section later on in this review on how to assemble this composter.

There are two additional tools you’ll need that aren’t included with the package: a wrench for the bolts, and either a flathead or squarehead screwdriver, or a drill with a flathead or squarehead bit.

Overview of Features

A few features set this product a cut above some other composters on the market, which helps it do its job efficiently and surprisingly quickly – its job being composting waste and organic material. However, there are a few features that a few do not like, but that doesn’t stop it from being one of the better options available.

Once assembled, which can be a mission, the composter is divided into two different sections. This allows you as the gardener to rotate sides for composting but is entirely optional as the separator can be removed so you can use the full 37-gallon tank for composting.

The tank is octagonal, with one of the panels including a sliding door to easily access the compost inside. There are deep indentations on each of the other panels to prevent the compost from compacting into large groups, as well as allowing you to rotate it and aerate the compost more efficiently. Speaking of aerating, there are two vents, one situated on each side, that would enable airflow back and forth for the compost to breathe and reduce the buildup of smell.

The overall finish is quite sleek, yet remains practical. It manages to quickly compost waste and matter, relatively faster than quite a few other options on the market, and this can be attributed to the innovative design of it.

There are a few minor setbacks, though, which have been a bother for some. When you receive it, it’s disassembled, and can be quite tricky to assemble with just the instructions to follow. The manual isn’t all too intuitive and can be downright difficult to follow for some.

Once it’s set up, though, this problem can be forgotten. The other major downside is that it is on the smaller side, so for those with more extensive gardens, you may find yourself stretched thin for compost. This can, of course, be circumvented with economical use of staggered heaps that you rotate around your garden.


A quick video showing the different parts and how to assemble the composter can be found below.


  • Works efficiently and quickly
  • Easy to use once set up
  • Good aeration abilities
  • Sleek but durable design – resistant to weathering and damage


  • On the smaller side in comparison to others
  • Difficult to set up


A slightly cheaper option that is of similar caliber is the MaxWorks Dual Rotating Composting Tumbler. It has many of the same features and is bigger than the Yimby.


The Yimby Tumbling Composter is one of the best options on the market and has been for some years. Everything about its design, barring its size, make it efficient and excellent at its job, while not requiring much effort on your part to use.

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