Where to Put a Compost Bin?

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There are a lot of working pieces to having a successful garden. You have to have the right space, the right tools, and if you’re really looking to excel at your gardening game, a good compost bin. A compost bin can be a fundamental part of your gardening process, but where do you put it?

This is a good question and one we are going to tackle in this article. How are we going to do that? With these 13 great tips on where to put a compost bin. So if that sounds good to you, let us get to it, shall we?

13 Tips To Help You Choose the Right Location for Compost Bin

So the placement of the compost bin is important, and yet it is still a very tricky thing to figure out. If you are having that problem, make sure to follow the below tips, and you should be able to find the perfect place.

Temperate Area

The first thing to consider when looking for the right place for your compost bin is the temperature of the place. You don’t want someplace too cold or in constant shadow as the cold temperature will slow down the process of composting. In fact, when you look for a place, make sure to find a place that gets plenty of sun (especially if you live somewhere cold).

Avoid Wind

Just like with the temperature of your compost bins location, the exposure to wind can also be a problem for the process. Wind will dry out the bin. So find someplace that is out of the wind so that you get the most out of your compost.

Keep It Away From Trees

You also don’t want to set your compost bin up under a tree. The roots of the trees will find their way to zapping all the nutrients from the compost bin. And eventually, grow into your compost, which is not a fun thing to deal with.


When it comes to accessibility, you want the bin somewhat close to the house and, in particular, the kitchen, if possible. This will make getting the waste to the bin easier and offer less of a chance for messes.

Plenty of Room

You might want to also consider the tools you need to do composting work and leave enough space for them. Things like a wheelbarrow or a tumbler. These are all an important part of the process, so making sure you account for their use will help you find a good place for your compost bin.

Close to Garden

You also want it close to the plants you eventually plan to use the compost on. You want to minimize the work of getting it from place to place, so making sure it is close to both the house and the garden will help with that.

Not Next To the House

You want the bin close but not right up against the house. Not only is compost stinky, but it also can attract insects, so the last thing you want is all that visible for your guests and in your face every second of the day. So place the bin close enough for convenience and far enough away you can’t smell it.

Where to Put a Compost Bin

Good Drainage

The next thing you should look for in a location that is level or that can be made level. This is important for the drainage of extra water. Compost needs to stay damp; however, if there is too much water, this can ruin the whole bin. So look for an area that will allow for proper drainage.

Space For Expansion

You should also choose a location that will allow for room to grow. Once you get started, you may find that you need a larger bin then you had initially gone with. Having the ability to have multiple bins or one large bin can bring with it its own benefits.

Near Water

Part of composting involves ensuring your bin stays moist. That is why we suggest you find a location that has easy access to a water source. Being able to get a hose to the bin with little to no effort will make the location perfect.


Just like you don’t want to smell the compost bin or deal with the insects, we are sure your neighbor feels the same. When deciding where to put your compost bin, make sure you pay attention to how close to your neighbor’s property you place it. It will save you a lot of problems, we promise.


You may be concerned with how the bin looks. After all, if you place it in the wrong place, it will be out there for everyone to see. But there are ways that you can fix this problem. Choose a location out of sight like in some plants or shrubs.

High/Low Ground

Our last tip is a controversial conversation. Some composters prefer high ground, and others like it a little lower. Both have their benefits. Higher ground composters get easier access to the more mature compost at the bottom of the pile. Whereas if you choose low ground, you will have an easier time delivering the goods to the compost heap.

The decision on this we can’t weigh in on; you will have to determine which one sounds like a winning equation for your compost style.

Final Thoughts

Including compost into your gardening process will deliver unbelievable results. That is if you have the right quality of compost. To do that, you have to ensure you choose the right location for your bin. There are a lot of factors that play a part in a good location, and we have given you 13 tips to determine where to put your compost bin.

We are sure if you take all these points into consideration, you will find that perfect spot easily. Then all that’s left is to get to composting and get that garden growing like never before. Good Luck!

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